About the Conference

Under regional project HIV and Harm Reduction for Eastern Africa Project funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malariaand led by KANCO, a consortium of organizations have been working in the region to expand the demand for harm reduction interventions in the Eastern Africa region. Effective policy responses to drug use are among the major outcomes envisioned by the project, as well as laying a solid ground for harm reduction interventions.

To highlight the achievements that have been gained in harm reduction and discuss appropriate ways of addressing the drug use problem in the region, KANCO and partners are planning to host the First Eastern Africa Harm Reduction Conference (1st EAHRC). The conference will focus on highlighting best practices and innovations in harm reduction in the region, and promote leadership for effective drug use responses.

Conference Objectives

  • To share knowledge and experience in HIV and harm reduction
  • To facilitate inter-sectorial debate to define the value of harm reduction policies in the region and Africa
  • To share different strategies in harm reduction programming
  • To reinforce collaboration and partnership among the communities, service providers, policy makers, academia and research institutions in HIV and harm reduction
  • To mainstream harm reduction discussion among policy makers and institutions