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Abstract Categories and structure

Research Program implementation and Practice Policy and advocacy
Background: description of research problem and objectives Issue: Aims of the service or intervention being implemented Issue: What is the policy aspect being addressed
Methodology: The methods used to conduct the research including design and sampling strategy Setting: where implemented and the coverage of the intervention Setting: at what level and where
Results: Key findings from research to be disseminated Project: The details of the intervention, target audience and implementation modalities Key Arguments: why did/does it need to be addressed and how
Relevance and implication of the research and contribution to harm reduction implementation
Outcomes: what has been achieved by the intervention Milestones: what has been attained through the initiative?

Abstract Requirements

  1. Original work, or work that has not previously been presented elsewhere is highly encouraged. If previously submitted to a national, regional or international meeting, the author has to prove that there are new methods, new findings, updated information or other valid reasons for submission.
  2. Indicate 3-5 key words (free text, maximum 25 characters per key word) in bold at the bottom of your abstract, which represent the content of the abstract.
  3. The abstract should be a maximum of 350 words
  4. The title should be brief (a maximum of 125 characters including spaces), clearly indicating the contents of the abstract
  5. Abstracts should be submitted in English. Abstracts in French will also be considered
  6. Though not limited to the outlined tracks, the abstracts will have to be relevant to the conference theme and authors are encouraged to pick at least one track that best suits their abstract.
  7. The abstract should be prepared with a word-processing program. Authors are encouraged to check spelling and grammar and proofread carefully
  8. The abstracts should use language that is sensitive to people who use drugs (not discriminatory or judgemental
  9. Abstracts cannot be modified (in their authorship, title and contents) after the deadline for abstract submission
  10. The most relevant and strongest abstracts will be selected for presentation in oral sessions and poster discussion sessions
  11. The submitting author will automatically be assumed to be the presenting author unless stated otherwise.

Abstract submission Process

  1. To submit your abstract, you will first need to log on to the conference website , create a profile and register for the conference.
  2. Abstract submission will close on 30th October, 2017 and notifications send on 30th October 2017
  3. Abstracts can only be submitted online via the conference website.
  4. Abstracts will be subjected to review by a technical review panel consisting of experts in harm reduction programming and other leading subject experts from partner networks.
  5. The submitting authors will be allowed to choose their preference, but the technical review panel reserves the right to make the final decision on whether the presentation will be oral or poster.
  6. All correspondence regarding the abstract will be made to the submitting author. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to inform co-authors.

Welcome to the 1st Eastern Africa Harm reduction Conference that will be held on 27th February 2018-1st March 2018 at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS), Nairobi, Kenya. Below, please find the guidelines for preparing and presenting posters.Here